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Gavin Luke Menichini   |   [ pronounced men-ah-key-nee ]

Hey There!

My name is Gavin and I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Austin, Texas. Thanks for checking out my work! Seriously, I'm super pumped that you stopped by.

I like to consider myself a laid back extrovert who's all about having a blast and enjoying the adventure of life as it comes. I'm hugely passionate about Jesus and His heart for people, the Rocky Mountains, all things business & finance, and capturing beauty. When I'm not capturing your story, you can catch me in Colorado shredding some fresh pow pow (or at least dreaming about it), piquing my curiosity and love for real estate (I really want to have my own house flipping YouTube channel or TV show one day!! #FutureChipGaines?), or spending some quality time with my friends down in Austin.

I believe photography is more than just visually documenting a scene in front of you. I believe photography is about artistically capturing a story with captivating composition, all while having a blast during the process! If you don't leave your time with me feeling ecstatic, more in love with your boo, and a little artsy, then I didn't do my job right.

If you feel a connection with my images that gets you excited and draws some awe out of you, if you're down to have a blast together while being the real you and getting artsy here and there, and if you're so in love with your future hubby/wifey that the details of your wedding day fade away in comparison to your love for them (although details are important), then we are definitely the right fit for each other!

I'm seriously so excited to meet you and get this photo adventure started!!