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Gavin Luke Photography


Stories of love with my old friends.

Graham + Maggie | Dallas, TX


I have been looking forward to shooting Graham and Maggie's engagements for almost an entire year now. Graham, Maggie, and I were all great friends throughout high school, continuing into college, and I had the privilege to watch the formation of their relationship in high school as well as the flourishing of their relationship into college. On top of getting to be there for the beginning and continuation of their relationship, I got to walk alongside Graham this past year as he planned to ask Maggie to spend the rest of her life with him. I'm super bummed that I couldn't be at their proposal in Africa (such an epic proposal!!), but I'm beyond excited that I got to shoot their engagements and eventually their wedding come this winter. These two have a special place in my heart and I feel incredibly honored to capture their love story and covenant! 


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