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Stories of love with my old friends.

Haleigh + Micah | Weatherford, TX


Haleigh + Micah were an absolute dream to work with. Haleigh and I knew each other from a summer camp we worked at together two years ago called Sky Ranch. Unlike knowing Haleigh beforehand, I actually met Micah for the first time on the day of the wedding! We had to meet via FaceTime for our consultation because Micah was out at West Point training to be in the United States Army. He is easily one of the coolest and most fun people to be around (make sure to spot him in the reception pics)! This day was absolutely incredible. I was pretty nervous to have really bright and harsh light during the ceremony (it makes for difficult shooting conditions) but we got some much needed cloud coverage right before the ceremony for awesome lighting and some cooler weather (thanks God!). Haleigh + Micah, you guys are all-stars and I am so honored that you chose me to apart of y'alls wedding day! Special shout out to Micah - thank you for selflessly serving our country and being the God-fearing and incredible man that you are. God is going to do big things through you, Haleigh, and y'all's marriage!!


PS - Huge thanks to Parker Ercums for second shooting with me!! Go give her a follow on insta: @parkerercumsphoto