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Jessie + Jake | Yosemite National Park


This session was ACTUALLY A DREAM.

Not only are Jessie + Jake some of my favorite humans on the face of the planet but we got to shoot in one of the most enchanting and awe-evoking places in the world: YOSEMITE <3. Jake has been planning this proposal for a lonnnngggg time now and it was so awesome getting to plan it alongside of him and watch his anticipation, longing, and excitement grow to ask Jessie to be his A1 forever. Yeet, that’s awesome.

Jessie had no idea that Jake was going to propose while they were in Yosemite (he told her that he would be proposing towards the end of 2018 - LOL, SYKE) and she was SO shocked! It was such a fun moment to watch her reaction! Shortly after Jessie calmed down, we explored Glacier Point and shot in various portions of it and had an absolute blast until we all watched the very last bit of light leave the valley.

Special shout out to two of my best friends Chase Giles and Chase Chandler for joining me on this epic adventure out to Yosemite to capture Jessie + Jake’s proposal! I definitely could not have done it without y’alls support and letting me edit on the 4 hour car ride back to San Fran after the shoot. Y’all rock.

Enjoy fam!