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Paige + Mitchell | Tuscany, Italy


Let me start by saying that this wedding and trip were actually unreal and it still feels like a dream! Ever since I started shooting weddings and engagements as a photographer, I've dreamed of shooting a destination wedding overseas, especially Italy. I never thought I would be presented an opportunity, but it happened and I'm still amazed by it! Paige and Mitchell are some of my good friends from high school and I was able to watch their relationship start and flourish from afar. We all went to Texas A&M together and they got engaged in November of 2016. About a month after they got engaged, Paige and Mitchell approached me and asked if I was interested in shooting their wedding out in Italy. I almost had a heart attack from sheer excitement. After composing myself from my excitement attack, I enthusiastically said yes and we started planning the trip out to Italy! 

Another reason why this trip was so special and incredible was that some of my best friends from college traveled with me out to Italy to their wedding because they were in Paige and Mitchell's wedding party! After finding that out in the planning process, I pretty much broke my excitementometer (totally just made that word up). The long-awaited day finally came and we flew out to Rome, landed, explored for a little bit, hopped on a high-speed train to Florence, and then rented vans to drive into the Tuscan region of Italy. The next day, we drove out to the venue where Paige and Mitchell would get married - The Tolaini Vineyard. It was unreal. We next went into Siena, one of the biggest cities in Tuscany, explored the city, ate amazing food, and prepared for Paige and Mitchell's big day.

I'll let some of my favorite pictures from their wedding speak for how incredible their wedding day was - simply amazing and so beautiful! Another thanks and shout out to Paige and Mitchell and their families for inviting me out to Italy and trusting me to capture their journey in Italy to becoming one!


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